Swimming Pools

(All commercial applications are made with gunite process)

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Your Custom Pool Includes:

Any shape up to (roughly) 16' x 32' >SEE POOL SHAPES<

* Plans

* Permits

* Standard Engineering

* Standard Excavation (8' access required)

* Layout for buyers approval

* Steel Reinforcing, All steel with #3 and #4 bars per engineers specifications that apply for slope & expansive conditions (3" or 6" on center for raised bond beams with waterproof finish)

* All Steel to have 3" clearance from soil for Gunite structural integrity

* Non Corrosive pool plumbing above ground is UV protected to prevent rusting. Schedule 40 plumbing to hold static water pressure during construction to prevent leaking. Deluxe anti-syphon valve to fill pool & spa.

* Two suction outlets with anti-vortex covers for each pump.

* No. 8 AWG solid conductor bonded to all metal parts or components within 5 feet of the inside wall of the pool or spa (includes all metal parts of pool equipment.)

* Deluxe Custom Shallow End Steps

* Gunite Pool Shell Installation (all done within 15 working days)

* Pool Pump 1.5 HP

* Filter 425 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter

* Pool Skimmer

* Ready for Masonry

* GroupV waterline tile, or marble, travertine, tumbled stone, at owners choice upgrade.

* White Safety Grip Coping

* Site Clean Up

* Start Up & Orientation are Included

* Cleaning Tools (18' brush, leaf skimmer, 16' pole, test kit and thermometer)

* Initial start up & Instructions, label valves & pipes for owner's convenience

* Ten Year Structural Warranty

Does Not Include:

Geotechnical Engineering (If required)



Water Features

Equipment Housing